Paris Air Show to start Monday

The world’s premier air show is gearing up to open Monday at the Le Bourget Airport in Paris. French television is running advertisements on the show, which is open to the public later in the week.

But through Thursday, the show is open only to “trade” attendees, such as manufacturers, suppliers, governments, airlines, potential buyers and others.

On Sunday, Boeing’s first 747-8 Intercontinental arrived at Le Bourget, its international debut of the elongated 747.

The plane arrived from Seattle, flew at Mach .85, and traveled 4,400 nautical miles. It will be on display through Tuesday, then return to flight test.

One thing Boeing won’t unveil at the show, however, is the question of whether it will replace the engines on its popular 737 single-aisle jetliner as Airbus is doing on its A320 or build an all-new airplane.

Heading into the show, Boeing executives have said that announcement will be made later in the year.

Airbus is expected to make an announcement about orders for its A320neo at the show, its single-aisle Boeing 737 competitor. The “neo” is the version that will have new engines.

Boeing doesn’t save up orders to announce at the show, so industry experts expect orders to be announced will be modest.