You know those computer screens in movies that do things yours could never do? You can thank Navarro Parker, who had a hand in creating fictional computer screens in movies such as "Iron Man" and "Spider-Man 3" on his last job, at Wichita's Integrated Media Group.

"We worked with a company in L.A. as kind of a subcontractor," he said. "That company dealt in animating fictional computer screens. It's not like Windows or Mac."

In his new job at, Parker designs motion graphics for a variety of clients, including ad agencies, television networks and independent businesses.

Parker, 39, grew up in Wichita, graduating from Northwest High and Wichita State. His father, Randall Parker, was a photographer for local TV stations. For a time, Navarro's parents toured the Pacific Northwest in an old school bus, shooting and editing TV commercials "for whoever needed them," Parker said. "They were kind of freewheeling."

Parker got a job working for a television station in San Diego after college, winning a regional Emmy in 1999 for news graphics. He returned to Wichita to work with his father for a few years, helped local filmmaker Jason Bailey shoot "Gracie Rose," then heard about IMG.

"I couldn't believe there's a place in Wichita doing Hollywood movies," he said. "I had lunch with (IMG owner) Jason Opat and just never left."

But after five years, Parker figured it was time for another change. He started four weeks ago.

"Being at any creative job, it's just time to move on," he said. "I was just getting itchy to try something new."

Outside work, Parker's interests mirror his work. He likes video games, photography and movies. "I'm always at the Warren, at least once a week," he said.