USDA named 21 counties as natural disaster areas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated 21 counties in Kansas as natural disaster areas because of the drought has blistered the area's crops.

"Kansas is facing one of the worst droughts since the Dust Bowl days," said Sen. Pat Roberts, ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

"The lack of rainfall has had a devastating impact on the wheat crop in Kansas, and many farms are facing total crop loss. Ranchers in Kansas are also facing severe hardship due to a lack of available feed caused by the drought."

USDA designated at disaster counties: Finney, Gove, Grant, Greeley, Hamilton, Haskell, Kearny, Lane, Logan, Meade, Morton, Ness, Scott, Seward, Sheridan, Sherman, Stanton, Stevens, Thomas, Wallace and Wichita.

Farmers and ranchers in the following 13 counties also qualify for natural disaster assistance because their counties are contiguous: Cheyenne, Clark, Decatur, Ellis, Ford, Graham, Gray, Hodgeman, Norton, Pawnee, Rawlins, Rush and Trego.