Butler to offer training in union with Global Corporate College

Butler Community College has joined an organization of community colleges that offers training to companies with national and international facilities.

Denise Reading, president of Global Corporate College, will be in Wichita today for a breakfast get-together to introduce the program to the community.

Butler is excited to become part of Global Corporate College because it means potentially extending its services worldwide, said Victoria Corriveau, director of curriculum development for Butler Community College.

"If Spirit were to come to us and say, 'We need to skill up some folks and do that in plants in multiple states,' we could do that," she said.

It's an extension of community colleges' regular custom training effort. Companies routinely hire community colleges to train their workers on specific machinery or computer programs.

But companies with multiple plants or offices across the country have to deal with colleges in each location. Global Corporate College seeks to provide a single point of contact for companies.

Global Corporate College is near to assembling a lead college in every state. Butler is the lead college in Kansas. If a corporate facility is in a part of Kansas where other community colleges dominate, Butler can pass on responsibility to that college, she said.

Butler has already participated in one effort. It hired adjunct instructors to provide Microsoft Office training to a company's sales office in Kansas City, Kan.

Kansas City Kansas Community College said it didn't have anyone available, Corriveau said.