Farm prices increase slightly in May

Kansas farmers saw the all-products price index for May increase one percent over April and jump 12 percent from a year ago.

The state's all-crop index was up 2 percent from April but down 34 percent from May 2009.

Wheat prices in mid-May averaged $3.95 per bushel, down 18 cents from April and $1.90 below a year ago. Corn prices averaged $3.26, unchanged from April but 67 cents below May 2009.

The meat animals index for May was unchanged from April but was 20 percent above last year.

All beef cattle brought an average of $101 per hundred weight in mid-May, the same as April but $15.20 above a year ago. All hog prices were $58.20 per hundred weight for mid-May, up $4.40 from April and $18.50 above May 2009.

Nationwide, the all-products price index saw a 3 percent jump from April and an 11 percent increase over a year ago.