Doctors have healthiest pay

The highest paid job in the Wichita area is pediatrician, with an average salary of $240,870.

In fact, eight of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Wichita area are in the medical field, according to the newly released 2010 Kansas Wage Survey from the Kansas Department of Labor.

And the lowest 10 jobs are in the retail, restaurant and service industry.

The survey is the state's annual look at wages. The results come from a semi-annual mail survey of about 4,500 employers.

The average Kansas wage rose from $18.10 an hour in May 2008 to $18.52 an hour in May 2009. That is $2.38 below the 2009 national average hourly wage of $20.90.

Kansas has a higher hourly wage than Nebraska and Oklahoma, but lower than Missouri and Colorado.

Rounding out the top 10 in the Wichita area are general internist, $240,220; anesthesiologists, $197,570; general and family practitioners, $191,170; general dentists, $181,810; chief executives, $130,630; judges and magistrates, $122,690; optometrists, $119,290; all other surgeons and doctors, $114,210; and pharmacists, $107,810.

A few jobs, such as traditionally highly paid surgeons, weren't listed because there were too few to list wages.

The bottom 10 includes product demonstrators, $15,820; movie ticket takers and ushers, $16,220; dining room attendants, $16,250; locker room attendants, $16,260; food counter attendants, $16,270; food prep workers, $16,350; fast food cooks, $16,640; dishwashers, $16,950; waitresses, $17,120; movie projectionists, $17,210.