Pediatricians are top earners in Wichita area

The highest paid job in the Wichita area is pediatrician, at $240,870, in the newly released 2010 Kansas Wage Survey from the Kansas Department of Labor.

Rounding out the top 10 in the Wichita area are general internist, $240,220; anesthesiologists, $197,570; general and family practitioners, $191,170; general dentists, $181,810; chief executives, $130,630; judges and magistrates, $122,690; optometrists, $119,290; all other surgeons and doctors, $114,210; and pharmacists, $107,810.

A few jobs, such as traditionally highly paid surgeons, weren't listed because there were too few to list wages.

The results come from a semi-annual mail survey of about 4,500 employers.

The average Kansas wage rose from $18.10 an hour in May 2008 to $18.52 an hour in May 2009. That is $2.38 below the 2009 national average hourly wage of $20.90.

Kansas has a higher hourly wage than Nebraska and Oklahoma, but lower than Missouri and Colorado.