Josey's 10-year career at Verizon has progressed along with the explosive growth of wireless communications.

"I started as a sales representative in a kiosk in the middle of a mall where we had three phones you could choose from and plan A, B or C," Josey said. "Now we have just a whole suite of products and services we offer that can not only make people more productive, but enhance their lives. I truly believe that."

Josey, 32, most recently served as a sales manager in Muncie, Ind. He started his job here Aug. 1.

As district manager, Josey oversees eight Verizon locations — five in the metro area and one each in Winfield, Emporia and Iola. That means making out sales reports, developing employees and "increasing our community presence" when possible. Verizon is the nation's largest wireless voice and 3G data network.

Josey said the key to being a successful Verizon salesperson is listening —"we want to make sure to talk to customers about what they're looking for" — while the company's competitive edge comes from its diversity.

"Traditionally people are pushing one thing. But for us, because we have so many manufacturers and operating systems, we're able to pair what you do and what you want with the device you need."

Outside the office, Josey keeps busy with his wife and young daughter. The native of Evansville, Ind., has noticed that he's back in Missouri Valley Conference territory.

"I saw the Purple Aces are playing," he said, referring to the University of Evansville athletic teams. "I was excited to see that."