Trader Joe's coming to Kansas City

Trader Joe's is finally coming to Kansas.

The Kansas City Star reports this morning that the specialty grocery chain will open two stores in Kansas City in 2011, one on each side of the state line.

Trader Joe's was one of the top 10 businesses that Eagle and readers said they most wanted to see in Wichita in a poll earlier this year. It ranked No. 8.

The Star said the chain plans to open stores at Leawood's One Nineteen at 119th street and Roe Avenue in Kansas and at Ward Parkway Center in south Kansas City on the Missouri side.

The stores carry about 2,000 items, nearly 80 percent of them under the Trader Joe's brand. Trader Joe's also is known for its Charles Shaw label of wines, dubbed the Two-Buck Chuck in some markets.

But the Leawood store will not sell alcohol, the Star said, because Kansas law allows grocery stores to sell only 3.2 percent cereal malt beverages.

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