Right Management closes in Wichita

Right Management, a national outplacement and human resources firm, has closed its Wichita office after more than a decade.

The company, which is owned by staffing giant Manpower, saw its local business rise during the surge in layoffs in 2009. The company is typically hired by companies laying off employees to provide job search help and career counseling.

It also provides talent assessment and development, and it consults on organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.

During the downturn, the company has opted to consolidate some offices across the country, said John Copeland, vice president of the company's heartland division.

The company will continue to handle clients by telephone and computer link, he said.

He said many people prefer the home-based service rather than coming into an office.

"What we typically do is reach out via our outreach program, where our folks will let them know who we are," he said. "We'll get them started and walk them through it. The actual delivery is handled through a webinar or through coaching over the phone."