LSI, Butler County win Pollution Prevention awards

LSI Corp. and Butler County are two of the five winners of this year's Pollution Prevention awards.

The awards are given each year by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to businesses, industries, municipalities and individuals who make significant contributions to the prevention of pollution.

LSI received an award for its efforts related to equipment reuse. The facility has many lab sites and was able to create a large, centralized storage and tracking area. Since creating it, the company has been able to reduce the amount of new equipment purchased by reusing unwanted equipment from other labs. LSI is also recognized for its efforts in recycling 5,434 pounds of rechargeable batteries, 727 pounds of electronic media and 4,496 pounds of electronics.

Butler County received an award for reusing and recycling electronic waste and for its landfill gas recovery and destruction. The county e-waste facility accepts e-waste from county residents at no cost and from surrounding businesses and organizations for a small fee. The landfill gas that is collected is sent to a flare to destroy the methane and any additional pollutants.

The other winners are Johnson County, for its green Communications Center; Countertop Trends of Gridley, for diverting wood waste from a landfill; and John Deere Coffeyville Works, for reducing the amount of cardboard going to the landfill.