Matthew Hamm

Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture

After more than 10 years as a staff architect with Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture, Hamm will take on more responsibilities and new challenges after being promoted to associate at the firm.

Hamm said that as an associate he will have more of a role in project management and will work more directly with clients.

A Goddard native, Hamm graduated from Kansas State University in 1999 and started working at the firm, which specializes in commercial and school buildings, shortly thereafter.

The mix of art, science and communication attracted him to architecture, Hamm said.

"You have aspects of the profession that deal with creating aesthetically pleasing structures and aspects that deal with coordinating how they're put together," he said. "Architecture at its core is science and art in balance."

Hamm said architecture involves a continuous learning process, and working as an associate is the next step in his development as an architect.

"I think for me, what I hope to accomplish at this level is to have more client contact, build relationships and expand my knowledge of architecture," he said.