Throughout her career, Tirukonda has focused on medical benefits plans for clients. Now her work covers their financial health as well.

"Often times you have an advisor that looks at one aspect of your financial life," she said. "An accountant looks at taxes. An investment advisor looks at investments. We try to bring it all together."

For clients that are businesses, that means fashioning benefits plans that are affordable while attracting the kind of employees the company needs to prosper.

"So much of a person's finances are tied to an employer," she said.

When it comes to individual clients, that means looking at everything from health and life insurance to investments and taxes.

"We talk to individuals about the goals they're trying to achieve," she said. "What's their wish list, you know?"

Tirukonda, 41, grew up in Chicago. She moved to Wichita 17 years ago. Her first job here was as a benefits administrator for Bank IV, managing flexible spending and medical, dental and vision accounts. She later worked as a marketing representative for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Tirukonda and her husband have two children. She left the work force for several years to concentrate on raising the kids.

During that time, she became involved in Junior Achievement.

"It's so important for everyone to understand finances, but it's particularly important for kids as they're growing up," she said. "They see a lot of things, they want a lot of things, but they don't understand how money works."

She studied in Wichita State's professional financial planning program before joining Richard Stumpf at Financial Benefits, which he started 24 years ago. It's at 3500 N. Rock Road.

With Stumpf's expertise in retirement and estate planning, she said, they provide a comprehensive, personalized approach.

' "The thing about financial planning is you cannot use a canned approach," she said. "Everybody has different goals and needs."