County OKs south-side quarry

Cornejo & Sons won approval from the Sedgwick County Commission on Wednesday to start a quarry operation on 37 acres near Oliver and 47th Street South.

Cornejo & Sons wants to extract clay that can be used to cover landfills or other construction sites. The site is west of South Oliver and about a quarter-mile south of 47th Street South. It is mostly vacant but has been used to store construction equipment.

Jim Costlow, president of the Deer Lakes Estates Homeowners Association, said 150 homes adjoin the property, including some mobile homes only 20 feet from the property line.

He wanted a privacy fence built between the homes and the mining property to keep children from playing on the equipment, holes and piles of dirt the work would create.

"At what cost is one child's life?" he said.

He asked for a 6-foot privacy fence on the west side of the property, that digging be kept 100 feet away from the property line, and that the ground be returned to the same level as adjoining property after work is completed.

An attorney for Cornejo & Sons said the zoning code doesn't require a privacy fence, but a 6-foot-high chain link or wood fence with barbed wire at the top.

Digging will be set back 300 feet from the property line.

Mining would be completed by the end of summer or early fall, he said.