Third Dreamliner to make first flight today

Boeing plans to have four test airplanes in the Washington skies today when a third Dreamliner makes its first flight.

Dreamliner No. 4 is scheduled to fly from Everett's Paine Field to the flight test base at Boeing Field, with its chief test pilot, Heather Ross, at the controls.

Dreamliner No. 3, the third flight-test 787 to roll out and the one fitted with a partial passenger cabin interior, won't fly until later this month.

Meanwhile, Dreamliner No. 1 will continue flutter tests, and No. 2 will conduct stability and control tests.

And at Moses Lake in eastern Washington, another flight of the first 747-8 freighter is scheduled. On that jumbo jet, the test pilots plan to finish the aileron and flaps testing not completed on the Monday flight from Everett to Moses Lake.