Ten more banks get feds' help

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department said Thursday that it has pumped $29.3 million into 10 banks, which will be the last to receive investments as part of the taxpayer-funded program to shore up the financial system.

The aid comes from a $700 billion financial bailout program created in 2008 during the height of the financial crisis.

The investments in the 10 banks are the last under Treasury's so-called Capital Purchase Program, Treasury officials said. By law, the Treasury must report the transactions — which occurred on Tuesday — within two business days.

Although the government anticipated winding down support for banks, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently extended the bailout program, saying it will now focus on helping homeowners avoid foreclosures and small businesses get loans.

The banks receiving the latest outlay are: Atlantic Bancshares in South Carolina; Union Financial Corp. in New Mexico; Mainline Bancorp in Pennsylvania; FBHC Holding Co. in Colorado; Western Illinois Bancshares in Illinois; DeSoto County Bank in Mississippi; Lafayette Bancorp in Mississippi; Private Bancorporation in Minnesota; CBB Bancorp in Georgia; and Illinois State Bancorp in Illinois.