Auto wholesaler plans Derby location

An automobile wholesaler is about to break ground on a new location at 801 N. River St. in the Derby Business Park.

Automotive Solutions is building a 4,300-square-foot corporate office and service center, plus a large paved parking area to service and store the vehicles.

Owner Mike Anspach estimates the project will cost between $300,000 and $325,000. He said he will have five or six people working there, with two new hires.

Anspach said he expects to break ground on the facility within the next few weeks.

Anspach buys cars from car rental companies and from car leasing companies, reconditions them and sells them to vehicle auction houses. The vehicles will show up on used car lots all over the Midwest.

It's a volume business, and he said the facility will handle about 3,000 cars a year. Car-carrying trucks will go in and out of the facility frequently.

"They never stop," he said.

The company also has a location in Des Moines, he said.

The rentals rarely need more than some minor work and a thorough cleaning, he said. But the leases can take quite a bit more. If the car is too far gone, he'll sell it to a salvage yard.

He said he picked Derby because of the land is inexpensive and far from homes, and because he has a client nearby.