Firm hiring 100 to work from home

Alpine Access, a company based in Denver, is expanding into Kansas with a call center that isn't an actual center.

The company is looking to hire 100 people who will work from home, rather than at a call center.

Chad Lyne, director of strategy for Alpine Access, acknowledges that work-from-home businesses have a reputation as scams.

But Alpine Access is a real company offering real jobs, he said. Its workers are employees, receiving W-2 forms at tax time.

Company employees perform typical call center tasks such as setting up accounts or handling complaints.

People interested in applying should go to the company's Web site,

The Kansas Attorney General's Office said it has had no complaints against the company. A number of national publications writing about work-at-home scams have pointed to the company as a legitimate exception.

The company already has three employees in the Wichita area, Lyne said. The employees take inbound calls only.

Calls are routed through the company to the employee's computer via the Internet.

The jobs pay between $8 and $14 an hour. The jobs are part- and full-time.

Employees can receive benefits if they work enough hours, Lyne said.

He said Alpine is looking to expand in Kansas because of the state's good schools.

"One of the things we look for is trying to find areas where the skill set matches the program," he said. "A lot of the work tends to be complex interactions, so we do need a higher level of education. The demographics in Kansas make good sense."

Alpine Access has 2,800 employees and handles a variety of clients, including some of the largest companies in the country, he said.