Pollution prevention efforts get EPA funding

The Pollution Prevention Institute, which offers source reduction technical assistance to the health care and hospitality industries, is getting $61,882 from the Environmental Protection Agency and others to continue its work.

The project includes five strategies: building and expanding a health care advisory board, providing direct technical assistance through an internship program, delivering health care webinars and workshops, supporting the EPA Region 7 Mercury Task Force, and launching a green lodging pilot program to recruit business participation, provide interns and prepare a foundation for a comprehensive green lodging program in 2011.

The project is expected to result in reductions of 200,000 pounds of solid wastes, 1,000 pounds of hazardous medical wastes, and 5,000 grams of mercury, as well as energy savings of 3.4 billion BTUs and cost savings of $300,000.

Via Christi Health is among the partners in the project.

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