Semperian cuts local jobs, closes some centers

The Semperian call center, 9111 E. Douglas, is cutting staff as corporate parent GMAC retrenches.

Semperian services GMAC car loans and employs about 250 at the center. Some workers received 60-day notices this week.

Spokesman Mike Stoller did not release the number of job cuts, saying the final number is still fluid.

The company is eliminating call centers in Auburn Hills, Mich., and Greeley, Colo. In all, the company is cutting 320 jobs.

Some of the work handled at the closing centers will move to Wichita, but Stoller said it is unclear whether that would result in more jobs at the Wichita site.

The company has started a program of deep cost cutting because it has suffered during the credit crunch and economic downturn.

The federal government owns 35 percent of the company after providing it with $12.5 billion, but that hasn't been enough. The government confirmed that GMAC is asking for another round of financing because it can't raise enough from the private markets.