Robinson, 30, joined Joseph & Hollander a month ago, bringing with him a program called RealAssist he created to help homebuyers avoid legal pitfalls during their purchase.

"It was something I developed in response to a client I wasn't able to represent," Robinson said. "She had an issue and had legally tied her hands when she bought her house."

For $375, Robinson will review a purchase contract, highlight any risks and show prospective buyers how to navigate around them.

Robinson, a Moundridge native, said many buyers don't realize inspectors have been legally allowed to limit their liability for negligence. Also, if contracts aren't detailed properly, a buyer can shield a seller or Realtor from liability for any misstatements in the contract or property disclosure report.

"I've done all the legal research on these transactions," said Robinson, who also serves as vice chairman of the Kansas Home Inspector Registration Board. "I just want people to realize there's a way to get yourself out of that Catch-22. This is an affordable way of getting that knowledge out to people."