Forecast increases for record corn, soybean harvests

The projected record harvest for the state's corn and soybean crops just keeps growing.

A revised forecast released today by the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service called for the state to harvest 561.2 million bushels of corn and 146 million bushels of soybeans.

For corn, that's an 8 percent increase from the Sept. 1 forecast of 514.8 million bushels. Soybean production was pegged at a 4 percent increase over the 140 million bushels forecast last month.

The forecast for the state's grain sorghum, or milo, harvest is 207.5 million bushels, down 6 percent from last month.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's revised national forecast for corn and soybean harvests were up slightly from last month.

Corn is pegged at 13.02 billion bushels, only about 20 million bushels short of the 2007 record harvest. Soybeans are projected to produce 3.25 billion bushels, which would be a record U.S. harvest.