Forecast: Wichita area to lose 3,550 jobs in 2010

The Wichita area will see a loss of 3,550 jobs in 2010 — a loss of 1.2 percent of all jobs — according to the annual forecast released today by Wichita State University.

The forecast calls for:

* Aircraft and other durable goods makers, down 3,675 jobs.

* Information, down 500 jobs.

* Oil & gas and construction, down 275 jobs.

* Retail, transportation and non-durable goods manufacturing, each down 175 jobs.

* Wholesale, down 100 jobs.

* Financial, no change.

* Professional and business services, up 125 jobs.

* Leisure and hospitality, up 150 jobs.

* Health and private education, up 225 jobs.

* Government, up 1000 jobs.

The forecast is produced by WSU's Center for Economic Development and Business Research.

It is part of the 30th Annual Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference held this morning at Century II.

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