Campbell, 35, moved to Wichita in April to begin overseeing Don Hattan's retail side. He thought enough of the opportunity to bring three members of his sales staff with him from a Topeka-area dealership.

"It was a larger store, and it was an opportunity to grow," said Campbell, who served as general sales manager for Briggs Auto Group's Dodge store for six years. "It was refreshing to me to know that a culture was already in place at Don Hattan."

That culture, Campbell said, focuses on making customers a top priority. It's a part of the auto business that Campbell believes has taken a hit since he got into it in 1996.

"The customer was becoming a number," said Campbell, a Stillwater, Okla., native. "I've always believed when you look at the customer as a number, you've got one foot out the door."

Campbell likes Don Hattan's combination of tradition and innovation. For example, under CEO Jill Hattan, the dealership has offered a Ladies Day that features discounted oil changes, manicures and massages.

"There's a 60-year history here, but the business is changing every day," Campbell said. "We're doing a lot more with the Internet, and it's become an important part of our business. But no matter if we're dealing with a local customer or somebody 100 miles away, it's exciting to me that it still always comes back to how the customer is taken care of."