ICM explores reopening Colwich ethanol plant

Abengoa ethanol plant in Colwich
Abengoa ethanol plant in Colwich File photo

Colwich-based ICM is exploring whether to renovate and expand the recently purchased Abengoa Bioenergy plant in Colwich into a state-of-the-art energy-efficient biorefinery.

Such a plant would showcase ICM’s latest technology innovations with the goal to have one of the lowest carbon indexes of any grain ethanol plant in the world. ICM oversees construction of and manages ethanol plants.

The company is looking at whether it can raise the money and get the licenses. If the company goes ahead, the plant would mean about 50 jobs.

Abengoa BioEnergy closed the plant last year after it got into financial trouble. ICM bought Abengoa BioEnergy after it declared bankruptcy in February.