Anti-abortion bills likely to be pushed in Kansas

WICHITA | Kansas anti-abortion activists feel confident they will be able to push through laws in 2011 to further restrict the procedures.

An ardent foe of abortion rights becomes governor in January and Republicans will have a big majority in the state House.

Abortion rights opponents are looking to further restrict late-term procedures, increase reporting requirements for physicians and make it harder for abortion clinics to get licensed.

Gov.-elect Sam Brownbeck has said he will sign any anti-abortion legislation that reaches his desk.

Mary Kay Culp, the executive director of the anti-abortion group Kansans for Life, says it's a new day in terms of having a governor receptive to stricter anti-abortion legislation.

With an ideological ally about to become governor and Republicans poised to have a big majority in the state House, Kansas abortion rights foes believe they have their best shot in years to push through tighter restrictions on the procedures.