Wichita weather: Winds ease a little

Wednesday won’t be as windy as the past couple of days have been in the Wichita area, forecasters say.

That doesn’t mean it’ll be a tranquil day, however. Gusts out of the north-northwest will still top 20 miles an hour at times on a day when the temperature will climb near 60 under clear skies, forecasters say. Steady breezes will be in the teens.

Lows tonight will be in the mid-30s, with winds flipping to the south and easing into single digits.

Thursday should be warmer in Wichita, with highs touching the 70s. Sunshine and winds intensifying as the day extends are also expected, forecasters say. Steady winds will be in the teens and low 20s, with gusts topping 30 miles an hour.

Lows Thursday night will settle in the 40s, forecasters say, with Friday offering a few clouds and highs in the 60s.

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