Rooftop burglar caught in apartment above Barleycorn’s

Her first hint that something wasn’t right when she got home Sunday night was the fact that her apartment door was locked — from the inside.

That prompted the woman, 41, to walk downstairs to Barleycorn’s at 612 E. Douglas shortly before 9 p.m. Sunday to ask what was going on, Capt. Doug Nolte said. The bartender said he’d heard noises upstairs earlier, so they called 911.

Investigating officers found a 50-year-old man “trying to get out of the residence” and arrested him, Nolte said. The man had crawled onto the roof of the building and entered the woman’s apartment through a window. He had then carried several items — a television, jewelry and other electronics — onto the roof.

The officers recovered the stolen property, which was valued at nearly $6,000.