Film director searching for perfect Kansas barn for Coke ad

Coca-Cola wants to reach out to Kansas.

In particular, Zach Lowry,film director of Flex Collective, a company based in New York City, wants to come to Kansas in late May or June to shoot a commercial for Coca-Cola. But before he comes, he has an idea in mind.

He wants to find the perfect barn.

A weathered, wood barn, preferably with a wood-shingled roof, next to or surrounded by a wheat field and big enough to fit a 1965 Mustang inside – diagonally.

Marci Penner, director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, shot out an e-mail blast on Thursday to all of her contacts asking whether anyone in Kansas might know of such a barn.

So far, Lowry has received more than 2,500 responses.

One came from near Bird City in Cheyenne County in the far northwest corner of the state; several replies came from the Flint Hills area and central Kansas.

“People from all over the state are wanting us to take a look at their locations,” Lowry said by phone Sunday afternoon.

Why Kansas?

“Kansas is one of the most American spots in the country,” Lowry said. “When you think of America, you think of the amber waves of grain and beautiful purple mountains.”

Wait – purple mountains?

OK, maybe not so much the purple mountains, Lowry said. “I’ve never been there (to Kansas). But we are excited to bring the production to Kansas.

“I’ve been surprised by the wonderful generosity. I’ve even had a couple of photographers offer to do scouting work. Several people have offered to donate their locations for free.”

The criteria for the barn is that it has a ceiling 20 feet or higher and windows or slits in the side for light rays to poke through.

If any Kansans know of such a barn, feel free to contact Lowry at or call 610-710-5245.