Proposed first day of school for Wichita district would be earliest

The first day of school for most children in the Wichita district would be Aug. 12 – the earliest start date for the district – according to a proposed calendar school board members will consider Monday.

The proposed 2014-15 calendar has the same number of inservice days, non-teaching duty days and conference release days as this year’s calendar – 17. The early start date, still during the second full week of August, is the result of “just how the calendar dates fall,” said spokeswoman Susan Arensman.

Most children would start classes on Aug. 12. Sixth- and ninth-graders would attend orientation Aug. 11.

Winter break for students would be Dec. 22 through Jan. 2, according to the proposed calendar. Teachers would have a non-teaching duty day Dec. 22 and an in-service day Jan. 2.

Spring break would be March 16-20, 2015, with a non-teaching duty day the Friday before, on March 13.

The last day of school would be May 21, 2015.