Footprints in snow big clue in larceny case

Wichita police say they may have solved three larceny crimes on Tuesday by tracking down a suspect by following footprints in the Tuesday’s snow.

A car was broken into in the 4800 block of East New Jersey, said Lt. Doug Nolte. Two officers followed footprints in the snow leading to a nearby QuikTrip at 1610 E. Lincoln. At the store, Nolte said, the officers talked to a store clerk about who might have come in minutes before, and they also looked at store video.

Both officers then searched the neighborhood, found a man on foot in the 700 block of South Laura matching a description they’d obtained, and questioned him.

Witnesses identified him in connection with the car break-in, and officers found property in bags he was carrying that had apparently been taken in two other car break-ins, Nolte said.