Lawrence murder suspect found with guns, knives and ax in vehicle, Florida source says

Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn and Harold Sasko
Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn and Harold Sasko

A 19-year-old woman wanted for murder in Lawrence was found in Florida with a small amount of hashish, two firearms, two knives and an ax in the vehicle she was using, according to a Florida law enforcement source familiar with the case.

One of the knives is believed to be the weapon used in the Jan. 14 murder of businessman Harold Sasko, the source said.

Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn was arrested Saturday night at Everglades National Park after she was found camping illegally in Sasko’s car. On Monday, Douglas County prosecutors filed a first-degree murder charge against her, alleging she killed Sasko, a pizza restaurant owner.

Sasko shared his Lawrence home with her, and McLinn also had worked for him.

In Miami federal court on Wednesday, McLinn was granted $5,000 bail for illegal camping and drug possession offenses so she could be brought back to Kansas to face the murder charge. She was placed into Florida state custody to await another hearing, Kansas authorities said.

Park rangers arrested McLinn after they found her sleeping in the back seat of a 2008 Nissan Altima sedan in the visitor center parking lot at the national park. After they ran the license plates, the rangers learned the vehicle belonged to Sasko.

Lawrence police had gone to Sasko’s home Jan. 17 looking for McLinn after family members said they hadn’t been able to reach her since Jan. 14. Looking through a window, officers saw someone on the floor.

After entering, they determined that Sasko was dead from traumatic injuries. McLinn and Sasko’s car were gone.

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