Good Deeds: Volunteer believed in ministry for troubled teens

The Wichita Eagle

Kathleen Barham is a lifelong volunteer.

At age 85, Barham admits that she has had to slow down, but she gives no indication that she will ever stop serving her community.

“I come from a family that was very active in the church, and I just think that’s what you do,” Barham said. “You do as many things as you can to serve the Lord in all areas that you can.”

Barham volunteers two to three times a week as a receptionist at House of Hope, a Wichita ministry for troubled teens and their families.

Kim Snapp, executive director of House of Hope, attributes a large part of her ministry’s success to Barham.

“Three-fourths of the volunteers we have are because of her,” Snapp said. “They are friends that she has invested in through years of service in different avenues.”

Snapp said she met Barham at a Bible study in 2006, where Barham was the group leader. At the time, Snapp said she was praying about starting a Wichita chapter of House of Hope, and Barham encouraged her.

“She has always been such a cheerleader for our ministry,” Snapp said. “I honestly think she believed in it more than I did. She’s remained faithful throughout the whole process.”

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