Derby High School officials meet with students to dismiss threat rumors

Derby High School administrators are meeting with students Wednesday and sent home a message to parents defusing persistent rumors of a student threat at the school.

The rumors first surfaced weeks ago, said Heather Bohaty, a spokeswoman for USD 260.

“The Derby High School administration would like to address concerns about an alleged student threat to Derby High School,” the statement sent to parents and guardians of high school students. “Recently Derby High School along with Derby Police Department investigated and did not find any substantiated evidence to support the allegation. The safety of our students is a top priority and all tips and information have been thoroughly investigated.

“Students and the community are encouraged to contact administration when they have information they feel is of concern to school, students or staff. Contact information: Derby High School 788-8500, Derby Police Department 911 or anonymous tips can be submitted to the Kansas School Safety Hotline 1-877-626-8203.”

Investigators talked to numerous students, Bohaty said, but “no one at any time provided any evidence.”

While rumors and e-mails have mentioned a “hit list,” Bohaty said there is no evidence to support allegations that one ever existed.