You won’t believe what the Tooth Fairy pays these days

American children are receiving an average of $3.70 per lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy this year, a dramatic increase of 23 percent from a year ago, according to a survey by Visa Inc. released Friday.

Based on the current rate, the average child would net a whopping $74 for a full set of baby teeth.

As part of its annual survey, Visa launched a free Tooth Fairy app and Facebook calculator to help parents find the going rate for lost teeth in their part of the country. The calculator uses 2013 survey data and factors such as gender, age, family size, income and education levels to calculate how much money the Tooth Fairy is leaving in comparable households.

According to the calculator, a 30-year-old Kansas mother with a family of four and a college degree reports that her family’s Tooth Fairy leaves $1 per tooth.

The Visa survey, based on 3,000 telephone interviews conducted nationally in July, found that the Tooth Fairy was particularly generous to kids in the Northeast, leaving an average of $4.10 per tooth. Midwestern children found the least under their pillows, with an average of $3.30 per tooth.

Ten percent of kids find more than $5 per tooth under their pillow, according to the news release from Visa Inc. Thirty-six percent of respondents said the Tooth Fairy left $1 or less.