Wichita weather: A return of the 100s?

Remember what you were doing on July 13?

That’s the last time Wichita hit 100 – which forecasters say could happen again today. Triple digits have been reached just 9 times so far this summer in Wichita. That’s actually not far off the annual average for Wichita, but it’s well below the totals recorded each of the past two summers.

The heat index could climb to 105 in the Wichita area today, forecasters say. Sunny skies and light south-southeast winds will help the heat index soar.

Another 100 is possible again Saturday for Wichita, forecasters say, before showers and thunderstorms enter the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday. Those chances are slight, but they’ll drop temperatures into the low 90s and upper 80s for the rest of the holiday weekend.

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