Police seek 4 people after knife attack during drug deal

Police are looking for four suspects in a drug deal gone sour in south Wichita on Sunday.

A man and woman met the four acquaintances at about 5:45 p.m. in the 2700 block of South Seneca, planning to buy a pound of hydroponically grown marijuana for $3,000, Lt. Doug Nolte said. But one of the four men pulled out a knife and attacked the buyers.

Both the 29-year-old man and the 19-year-old woman were cut in the assault, Nolte said. The woman was also punched in the mouth by another suspect.

The male buyer received cuts to his forehead, nose and ear, Nolte said. The suspects kept the marijuana and took the $3,000 in cash that the victims brought for the transaction.

The victims went to Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis for treatment of the male’s wounds, Nolte said. Police have the identities of the four suspects and are now looking for them.