Wichita superintendent reorganizes school district administrators

Wichita schools superintendent John Allison has reorganized the district’s top administrators, changing all academic leadership positions to assistant superintendents but doing so “with existing dollars,” according to an e-mail sent to employees late Tuesday.

“These changes will allow our central office team to have key educational and program elements aligned in the most effective manner,” Allison said in the e-mail.

It was unclear early Wednesday whether or how administrators’ salaries would change along with their titles.

According to the e-mail, Denise Seguine, chief academic officer, will become assistant superintendent of learning services. Neil Guthrie, division director for special education and support services, will become assistant superintendent of student support.

They will join Alicia Thompson, assistant superintendent of elementary schools, and Bill Faflick, assistant superintendent of secondary schools.

The superintendent hinted at a restructuring this spring when responding to an Eagle article that showed several central-office administrators had received thousands of dollars a year in supplemental pay.

Allison said at the time that he didn’t plan to hire a new chief operating officer, a post that has been vacant for a year, and that recent vacancies and shifts in administrative ranks had prompted him to re-evaluate salaries and supplemental pay.

As assistant superintendent of learning services, Seguine will oversee curriculum and instruction, instructional support, innovation and evaluation, principals on special assignment, career and technical education, multilingual education services and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Guthrie will oversee 11 areas, including special education, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and the district’s program for homeless students.

Thompson, who supervises elementary schools, also will begin overseeing magnet programs, “since most of our magnet schools are at the elementary level,” Allison said in the e-mail.

Faflick will continue to supervise K-8, middle and high schools and alternative schools and will oversee JROTC and athletic programs.

Allison said the changes will take place immediately, and new organizational charts would be available on the district’s online portal for employees on Thursday.

“There will be no central office administrative costs added to the district’s budget,” he said in the e-mail.

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