Good Deeds: Volunteer makes sure cast, crew of Music Theatre of Wichita never go hungry

In Music Theatre of Wichita, it takes a village of volunteers to put on a musical.

Sherry Elder is one of those who works behind the scenes and ensures each actor and stage crew member has the food and nutrition to give him or her stamina to put on quality productions.

“Each year, we get about 4,000 resumes from young performers who come for the summer,” said Wayne Bryan, producing artistic director of Music Theatre. “We narrow that down to 1,000 and select 38 young people who will be Broadway’s next generation.

“While they are here over the summer, we want to create as nurturing environment as they will ever experience. We want them well fed and equipped to do the demanding schedule that we have. Sherry and many other volunteers provide the comforts of home.”

Elder, a Spanish teacher at Maize High School, makes sure there is always food on the table. She brings them, among other things, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and bananas.

“I always bring fresh things,” she said. “I don’t think man should live by cheese balls alone. Food that has a six-year shelf life is usually not as nutritious.”

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