City Council expected to approve bus-accident settlements

Wichita City Council members are expected today to approve two accident-related settlements totaling $31,500 involving the city's bus system.

The city's law department is proposing settlements in accidents Sept. 19 and 24 at unspecified locations, according to city documents - with both settlements coming out of the city's embattled transit department budget. City officials have injected $1.2 million in a contingency reserve fund into the system to prop it up through 2014.

The Sept. 19 accident involves a woman injured when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a city bus; the accident five days later involves another woman who was on a bus when it struck another vehicle.

Council members cut city services last year by $500,000 to bridge a budget shortfall traced primarily to a 2011 claim for $325,000, paid out of the transit budget.