Good Deeds: Retired librarian is back among the bookshelves

Judy Greteman was the school librarian at El Paso Elementary in Derby for more than 20 years.

When she retired, she felt she still wasn’t done. So in 2008, Greteman teamed up with The Opportunity Project in Oaklawn, a preschool for at-risk kids, to build a library in the school.

Greteman and others used grants and hundreds of donations to gather enough books for the children’s library at the school. In just five months, they had put together enough materials and books for a library for kids ages 1 to 5. Now, the library has more than 4,500 books.

Greteman teaches four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays where her tasks include reading to the children, teaching them how to use the library and putting on puppet shows.

“I hadn’t worked with kids this age and wanted to reconnect with the little ones,” Greteman said. “It’s wonderful to see them grow and see how they love the library.”

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