Red Cross shelter for Southlake residents closes

Displaced residents of Southlake Village in all but six apartments were allowed to return to their homes Saturday, a Wichita police sergeant said.

Buildings 6, 7 and 8 had been closed during and immediately after a 32-hour standoff that ended at 10:30 p.m. Thursday when the death of Kmart shooting suspect Jared Lee Woosypiti was confirmed by law enforcement. Six apartments located western wing of building 8, where 24-year-old Woosypiti holed up during the ordeal, were expected to remain closed until early next week, Sgt. Roger Runft said Saturday

Units 801-806 “are still considered part of the crime scene,” said Runft, a supervisor with the department’s Patrol South. All others are now accessible to residents.

Runft added that the building 8 “still has a lot of restrictions on it.”

Southlake co-owner and manager Brent Davis said Friday the six apartments sustained extensive damage during the standoff, which started about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday after Woosypiti fled an apparent shooting and robbery attempt at the Kmart pharmacy on 47th and South Broadway. Residents in those units were being relocated elsewhere – either in other Southlake Village units or in a nearly complex, he said.

“The next step is rebuilding,” Davis said during an interview with The Eagle on Friday afternoon. An estimate of the damage is pending. The other 18 units in building 8 “were untouched,” he has said.

As residents continued to return to their homes this weekend, the Red Cross on Saturday closed a shelter it had set up to house those displaced by the two-day police standoff, organization officials said.

The shelter at Ruth Clark Elementary, 1900 W. 55th St. South, was open Thursday and Friday nights. On Wednesday, the first day of the standoff, the Red Cross made arrangements for displaced residents at Southlake Village to stay in a hotel.

It shut down at noon on Saturday.

The Red Cross will continue to work individually, as needed, with people displaced by the standoff, officials with the Midway-Kansas chapter said.

Anyone needing services who has not already been contacted by the Red Cross should call 316-219-4000.

Contributing: Rick Plumlee of The Wichita Eagle