Park City agrees open meetings law was violated

The city of Park City has agreed that it violated the state open meetings law in October 2012.

In a Friday e-mail disclosing the matter, the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office said it received a complaint alleging that the Park City council violated the open meetings law. “After an investigation, a determination was made that the open meetings laws had been violated, resulting in the filing of a consent judgment,” the e-mail said.

According to the court document resolving the matter, the city violated the law by not giving proper notice of a special City Council meeting on Oct. 10 dealing with a public vote on a tax to support operation of the city swimming pool, action on a salary and wage adjustment, and discussion of a severance package for city personnel.

Not everyone who had requested notification of meetings received adequate notice, said the document, filed in Sedgwick County District Court on Thursday.

The city has agreed to take action to prevent future violations, including training for city staff on requirements of the Kansas Open Meetings Act and changing the city website and forms so people can more easily request to be notified of council meetings under the law.

The city will pay a $500 fine and $180 in court costs.