Info on immunizations for school

Before enrollment, parents should check their immunization records or call their health care provider to make sure children meet the state’s immunization requirements. The current requirements are:

• Tdap: single Tdap required for grades seven to nine if not previously vaccinated with three-dose series.

• Polio: four doses for ages 5-6.

• Varicella (chicken pox): Kindergarten, first- and second-grade students and seventh-grade students need two doses. Students in grades three to six and eight to 11 are required to have at least one dose.

• Hepatitis B: three doses required through grade 11.

Kansas schools allow an unvaccinated child to attend school under two conditions:

• The child has an annual written statement from his or her physician saying that the child’s life or health would be endangered by undergoing the inoculation.

• Or, the parent or guardian has signed a written statement that the child is an adherent of a religious denomination whose teachings are opposed to inoculations.

School nurses will contact families once school begins if a student’s immunizations are not updated.

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Students who need shots but do not have insurance or a regular health care provider are directed to the Sedgwick County Health Department or to a safety-net clinic such as GraceMed or Hunter Health Clinic, which provide immunizations at little or no cost.