2 Amur tiger cubs born at Sedgwick County Zoo

The Sedgwick County Zoo has two new Amur tiger cubs.

They were born over the weekend, Commissioner Dave Unruh said during a meeting with county staff Tuesday.

The zoo isn’t ready to talk about the cubs, but an e-mail sent to zoo board members says one is female and one is male. The e-mail said the mom is caring for them, and they are nursing and gaining weight.

A cub was born in March at the zoo, but it died 36 hours after birth. It had been conceived using a new artificial insemination technique.

Talali is the mother of these cubs, too, but the pregnancy this time was through natural breeding, zoo spokeswoman Melissa Graham said.

Just less than 150 Amur tigers live at 50 Association of Zoos and Aquariums institutions, three at the Sedgwick County Zoo. The Amur tiger is the largest of the tiger subspecies and is found in the wild in eastern Russia, northeastern China and the northern regions of North Korea. Their environments are harsh, and the tiger has an extra layer of fat to protect it from the cold.

Amur tigers are managed under a Special Survival Program by the association.

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