Refurbished bison sculpture returns to Wichita Art Museum

Regular visitors to the Wichita Art Museum may have noticed something missing from the entrance these past few months: a 400-pound bronze bison.

The sculpture is back in front of the museum’s west entrance after a three-month absence. Teresa Veazey, the museum’s public relations manager, said normal weather and sun damage necessitated a trip to the conservator. Bronze sculptures are often finished with a protective layer called a patina, and the bison was due for a new one, Veazey said.

At 4 by 5 feet and weighing 400 pounds, the sculpture isn’t exactly easily portable, Veazey said. It took a handful of workers and a forklift to reunite the sculpture with its rectangular limestone base at the museum’s entrance.

The sculpture’s official title is “Spectre of Ancient Pathways.” American artist Steve Kestrel completed the work in 1989, and it was installed in 1991 at the Wichita Art Museum, 1400 W. Museum Blvd.

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