Woman, 37, arrested after throwing Riverfest button at police

She wasn’t happy about having to wear a Riverfest button to look for someone Friday night, and her tantrum over it landed her in jail.

It turned into a family affair for the 37-year-old woman when her daughter and two of her daughter’s friends also went to jail for interfering with the arrest, police said.

The ruckus at the Wichita River Festival started shortly before 10:30 p.m. when the woman wanted to go into a gated area near Douglas and Waco to find her daughter, Lt. Doug Nolte said. Security guards would not allow her to enter the gated area without a Riverfest button.

“The parent was very irate that she was not allowed to go into the gated area to find her daughter,” Nolte said.

A passerby gave her a Riverfest button and security allowed her in. When she returned, the woman threw the Riverfest button at a police officer.

When the officer attempted to arrest her for battery of a law enforcement officer, Nolte said, the woman resisted and jumped on the officer’s back. The officer then called for assistance from several other officers.

As they were subduing the woman, her daughter and two of her daughter’s friends tried to stop the arrest. The girls, ages 15, 14 and 14, were also arrested.

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