No charges against teen who left newborn in trash

The Sedgwick County district attorney has declined to file charges against a teen who discarded her newborn in the trash in earlier this year.

“At this time no charges are going to be filed,” Marc Bennett said by phone late Wednesday afternoon. “Like any case, if additional information comes to light, the case can be re-presented to our office.”

Police found the infant’s body in a dumpster at Eastgate Shopping Center, 8125 E. Kellogg, on Jan. 16, six days after her birth. The mother, a 17-year-old Wichita girl, told officers the baby was stillborn; whether the full-term, 6-pound, 10-ounce girl was born alive and what caused her death could not be determined during an autopsy.

Authorities learned of the birth after the 17-year-old was taken to Wesley Medical Center for treatment of severe hemorrhaging. After being questioned by hospital staff, the teen revealed she’d given birth on Jan. 10 and placed the baby in a trash bag, which was then taken to the mall dumpster by a family member who apparently didn’t know of its contents.

Police have said her parents were unaware of the pregnancy. Police also think her boyfriend, then 18, is the infant’s father.

Bennett said law enforcement presented its findings in the case to his office Tuesday.