Sheriff’s official: Wichitan hurt when run over by her stolen car

Sedgwick County sheriff’s investigators are seeking a suspect in an incident involving a stolen vehicle where the owner was seriously injured when the suspect ran over her with her car, an official said Tuesday.

The woman, 31, of Wichita, remains at Wesley Medical Center, sheriff’s Lt. David Mattingly said. He gave this account:

About 3:30 p.m. Friday, the woman went to the area of 4900 S. Elmhurst, looking for her silver 2011 Dodge Avenger, stolen from Wichita on Thursday. She found the car near 4900 S. Elmhurst, near 47th Street South and K-15, and walked up to the car door and asked to have the vehicle back; the driver put the car in gear, backed up and knocked the woman down, and she was run over by the car.

The case remains under investigation.