Seven city swimming pools to open Monday

Seven of the city’s swimming pools are scheduled to open Monday.

Two other pools, Harvest Swimming Pool and College Park, are set to open Friday, May 31.

The pools are opening at a time when the city is considering various methods of water conservation because of drought-plagued Cheney Reservoir, which provides Wichita with 64 percent of its water.

City pools, which will be exempt from proposed restrictions, are filled only once during the swimming season.

“You don’t drain them out,” said Karen Holmes, supervisor for the city’s pools. “The water is recirculated. It’s very efficient use of water. We may lose half an inch per day (to evaporation), if it’s a really hot day.”

She said the city took steps last year to conserve water by closing the Edgemoor and Country Acres pools because leaks were causing them to lose 10 percent of their water.

Country Acres, which is near Ridge Road and Central in northwest Wichita, will likely never be reopened because it’s small and needs extensive repairs, Holmes said.

Edgemoor, at 5811 E. Ninth St., won’t open this summer, but it may open in a few years as a larger pool, she said. The city has been seeking the public’s input on changes.

Harvest and College Park pools are opening later next week because wet weather delayed completing sealing and painting work, Holmes said.

The pools that will open Monday: Aley, 1800 S. Seneca; Boston, 6700 E. Boston; Evergreen, 2700 N. Woodland; Linwood, 1900 S. Hydraulic, McAdams, 1556 N. Ohio; Minisa, 1350 N. Jeanette; and Orchard, 1062 N. Clara.

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